How to Avail the Best Poker Tables and Cards

Two of the most essential items in every poker game are the table and the cards used. Without these - even there is sufficient amount of wagers to be played, a poker game won't ever commence. Thus, just like any other gaming equipment, there are several types of poker tables and cards in the market today.

As for most newbies, the classification of these items may not entirely affect them while playing. However, experienced poker players still consider these items as vital part in their whole poker session. They are always after the best poker tables and cards available for a complete gaming experience. But if you are a newbie, you might want to improve your game strategy first. Many gambling establishments are offering free bonuses, which are an excellent way for novices to practice and get in grip with the game.

Different Poker Table Variants

Whether it's a professional or home poker table, players still consider several factors in choosing the right and best poker table to use. One of these is the frequency of the hosted poker games. This factor is essential for home-based players to consider as they may not be playing the game regularly. They may opt to get an inexpensive and collapsible poker table for easy storage. However, if they are regular and professional players, they may choose to have a quality gaming table.

They also need to consider the number of players participating in every session. If they are expecting a big gaming crowd, it is best to invest for an additional poker table to accommodate more players.

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Roll Up Poker Table Topper

Roll up toppers are usually oblong, blue, and is around 70 inches by 35 inches. This type of table topper is best for home-based poker players who usually get together during weekends and special occasions. They just roll this over on a flat surface and start a game. These roll up toppers also have rubber backings for easy sticking and are water resistant. However, its edges also tend to curl up and don't stick on the surface.

Folding Poker Table Topper

On the other hand, folding table toppers are usually octagon in shape and can fit around 8 people. The middle of this 48-inch topper is covered in green felt and has plastic around its edges. Other folding type table have drink and chip holders for its players' convenience.

Table toppers are the most efficient poker table variant available now. Aside from being affordable, they can easily be stored without taking too much space.

Collapsible Poker Table

Home players who are looking for a more professional gaming experience can get a collapsible poker table. Compared with table toppers, collapsible poker tables don't need the support of another table. It is usually a self-standing home poker table which can be placed anywhere. It may be a bit insignificant compared with a professional poker table, but it can readily fit up to 10 players around.

Professional Poker Table

Professional poker tables are usually 96 inches by 48 inches in size which can comfortably sit 10 players and a dealer around it. It may be set to almost ground level but is proven to be sturdy. Several poker supply shops also offer add-ons such as drink holders, tip or dealer trays, and rake slot to its customers at an additional price.

There are also professional poker tables which offer premium built-ins like an automatic card shuffler and rim lights.

Best Poker Card Deck

Players should consider several factors in building the best playing cards for poker. One of the most important aspects is the number of the available decks during a poker session. It is advisable to have at least three sets or six decks of playing cards in a table. There are instances that players may request to change the whole deck. They may continuously ask for this change until they get the best playing card decks.

Another factor to consider is the type of card being used. There are two types of cards available today - the plastic or vinyl coated and 100% plastic cards. Most professional players recommend plastic gaming cards as these are more durable compared with the other type. It is also difficult to mark or fold, as well as it can be shuffled easily and manually.

In terms of the cards' face and back designs, it is important that the denomination, suit, and graphics are clear and precise. There are some card companies altering the color of the cards which somehow confuses the players.

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