Different Types of Poker Chip Collections

Poker chip collection has been a fad in several land-based establishments and events. Aside from new and regular customers, chip collectors - also known as chippers - can also be seen filling in the poker tables. They may be seen placing huge stakes in different gaming tables, but still they are after these unique and valuable chips which they can add in their best poker chip set collection.

This trend is just not a simple hobby for most of the chippers. Most of them focus on the aesthetics and intricacy of the chip design before they consider it as a collectible. They consider the combination of colors, as well as the artwork etched in these chips. On the other hand, some collectors also consider gaming chips as valued artifacts of the long history of the gaming industry. Some gaming establishments - specifically the old ones - still use conventional chips which most chippers consider as antique poker chips.

Nonetheless, casino chips also had its own history dating back to when these establishments surfaced in different regions.

The Evolution of Poker Chips

Since the introduction of this popular table game, there have been numerous objects used as stakes in different poker games. Friendly poker sessions were said to use simple items like matchsticks and pebbles. In contrast, there are also sessions before which considered real cash, coins, and even diamonds as wagers. Some gamers may still use these items, but most poker games today are already using chips which comes in different variants.

Different Types of Poker Chips

There are several categories considered by amateur and professional players to distinguish the value of the chips they are using. Primarily, they gauge these casino chips based on the materials used to produce them. These materials vary in aspects like their appearance, feel, quality, and value.

Cheap Plastic Chips

There are three kinds of cheap plastic chips available in the market today. The cheapest are the supermarket chips which are readily available in most local supermarket or toy shops nowadays. This type of chips is usually bundled in poker sets commonly played in simple gatherings and even meaningless gaming sessions. Poker enthusiasts may not consider it as the best poker chip set, still it is very inexpensive and affordable by anyone.

Non-serious players may also consider using Super Diamond plastic chips are not as fragile as compared with supermarket chips. They are also customizable in some establishments which offer hot-stamp services. However, Super Diamond chips only come in one colour in one set.

There are also Dice or Suited chips which entice home-based players. This type of chips has a ring of dice or card characters around its edges as part of its design. Most chips also under this category have metal slugs fixed in them for added weight. Players looking for a somehow high-grade but very affordable set may consider this type of chips.

Faux Clay Chips

Faux clay chips may look like Super Diamond but with a grittier feel and much less slippery. Players can also stack and shuffle better with these chips compared with its plastic counterpart. However, faux clay - also known as deluxe dice chips - are somehow hard to find in the market nowadays.

Nice Plastic Chips

This type of chips is very high in quality despite being made of plastic. They are even not sold widely since its manufacturers to give more focus on professional poker gaming rather than home-based ones. Players who are looking for high-grade mid-range chips may consider getting Nice Plastic chips.

Non-Casino Grade Ceramic Chips

Ceramic chips were widely used few years before clay composite chips were introduced. Most of its users were satisfied back then with its high-quality material and defining texture.

Clay Composite Chips

Clay composite-based chips, or compression-moulded chips, are manufactured with part compression moulding and part injection process. This process - also dubbed as "injectopression" - makes the chips more stacked and sound like clay-based ones. Players may not tell the difference between the two without considering their price. Clay composite is cheaper than clay chips.

Casino-grade Ceramic and Clay Chips

These types of chips are usually used in huge gaming establishments in Vegas and poker events like the World Series of Poker or WSOP. These chips have intricate designs and graphics in them. They are also non-slippery and have good sound because of the different chip weight available for these types. Players will surely feel level-up poker gaming with these high-end chips. However, these chips are more prone to scratches and dents compared with other chip types.

Other Collectible Chips

As mentioned, there are chippers who are after the historic value of the chips they are collecting. Thus, one of the most sought and desired chip to be collected are the classic ivory chips. These chips were used and sold in the industry from 1870 to 1910.

Ivory chips came in unique styles - from the simplest to the most intricate ones - which defined its value. Those which have complex designs and mostly decorated are usually high valued. Aside from the various chip styles, its denomination also defined its value.

There are also commemorative chips which are released by these gaming establishments in special occasions and events. These limited-edition items are usually produced in small volumes to add to its value.