Types of Poker Chip Cases

Players who are either playing with or collecting poker chips should take extra precautions to safeguard and protect their chips from unforeseen circumstances. Aside from getting lost, these chips should be secured from any damage to preserve its worth. Moreover, chips should be treated with utmost importance as they also have values which are bought with real cash. Therefore, to keep these gaming chips safe and intact, several types of poker chip cases are readily available in the market today.

These poker chip cases come in assorted sizes, designs, and materials used. There are also special storage features such as interior cushions and latches available in most chip cases nowadays. Prices usually depend on the quality and features that these cases have.

Different Types of Poker Chip Cases

As mentioned, there is a wide variety of poker chip cases available today. These cases vary on the materials used, as well as the added feature in them, which truly entice gamers and chippers. Below are some of the most common types of poker chip cases available today:

Aluminium Cases

Aluminium poker chip cases are usually the most sought and most common chip cases these days. Aside from its sturdiness, aluminium cases also flaunt its simple yet sleek design. There are also other cases with this material which have developed felt-based interiors and steel clasps for additional chip safety. There are also card deck, money, and dice pockets available in some of these aluminium chip cases. This chip case type is now offered in 200, 300, 500, or 1,000-chip capacity variants.

Leather Cases

Players who are looking for a costlier poker chip case may opt to consider leather cases. This variant has a solid wood base which is usually covered with 100% genuine leather. This cover protects the whole case from any unwanted damage. Chippers may also consider this leather feature as added value on their poker chip sets.

Wood-based Cases

This chip case variant normally uses solid wood as its primary base. Manufacturers will then finish it off with unique coatings and designs for aesthetics and protection purposes. Wooden cases can also hold different poker chip volumes ranging from 250 up to 500 pieces. There are also some cases which offer removable top trays for additional chips to be loaded.

Specialty Cases

There are other poker chip cases which use vinyl, acrylic, and faux as their base materials. Some specialty cases are costly due to the materials used. Just like the other variants, these cases can also hold different chip capacities.

Other players also make DIY cases which are more cost-efficient compared with commercialized ones. They normally use cardboards, binders, flip boxes, and PVC for these personalized poker chip cases.

Most of these poker chip cases can be purchased online or through local gaming supply centers. It is best to actually compare these cases with one another to know their differences.

Before Buying a Poker Chip Case

Aside from these distinctive features of chip cases, it is also important for players and chippers to consider several factors before getting their own poker chip case. First, they must take into consideration the quantity of poker chips they'll be getting. It is very essential that they get to determine the number of poker chips to be stored in these cases before purchasing or fabricating one.

Next is the type of poker chip to be stored. There are several types of chips available in the industry today which vary on their size and weight. It is important that these are accounted for to prevent a disorganized case. Some cases have fixed row dimensions for the chips.

Players and collectors should also consider external factors in choosing the right chip case to use. There are some poker chip cases which are intended for game rooms and poker tables use, where some were specifically designed to withstand extreme weather and room conditions.

Lastly, they should determine how long will they use the poker chip case. Short time users - who are mostly regular gamers - may opt to have the cheaper case variant as they may only use it to store their chips while playing inside gaming establishments. Whereas, long time users or chip collectors may choose to have the most credible and efficient ones for the safety of their collectibles.

It is very vital for everyone to take note of these factors to fully secure and safeguard their valued poker chips. Remember, poker chips tend to lose their value when they get damaged or destroyed - both for regular poker players and chippers.