Buyers Guide to Poker Chip Sets

The explosion in popularity of Texas Hold'em poker has led to an explosion in the different types and designs in Poker Chip Sets available to buy today. So where do you start when you want to purchase your own poker chip set? How much should you spend? Let's see if can help you answer some of those questions.

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Types of Chips in Poker Sets

Plastic Poker Chips: If you have a limited budget and are looking for cheap poker chip sets plastic poker chips will suit your needs best. Plastic chips generally come in weights of 5 grams and 9 grams. It is not uncommon to find these cheap poker chip sets in your local department store or supermarket.

Clay Poker Chips: Easily the most expensive poker chips available to the home player. Clay Poker Chip Sets feel very similar to casino poker chips, but do not have the same security features. Today's clay poker chips are not always made of all clay. In many cases they will have very high clay content combined with a resin material to make them more durable. The higher the content of clay the more expensive the clay poker chip set will be. Often known as Clay Composite Poker Chip Sets the typical weight for clay chips is between 9 grams and 13.5 grams. Two examples of clay chips are the 500pc 11.5 gram Texas Hold'em All Clay Poker Chip Sets and the 500pc 9 gram Pro Clay Las Vegas Poker Chip Sets.

Composite Poker Chips : A good choice for the typical home game. Composite Poker Chip Sets are made from a high grade resin with a metal insert to give them the weight and feel of casino quality chips. The chips found in these poker sets will last a lifetime. A smart, economical choice for the player who doesn't require top of the line equipment. These chips are often available in 9 gram poker sets and 11.5g Poker Chip Sets.

Available Poker Chip Designs

You will find a wide variety of styles and designs when shopping for poker chip sets. Two-tone and tri-color chips are the most common, but you can also find solid colored chips. There are three classic designs to home poker chip sets - The "Dice" Poker Chip Set with with the face of each side of the dice around the outside edge of the chip; the "Suits" Poker Chip Set; and the "Diamonds" Poker Chip Set with diamonds around the outside edge of the chip. As you move up the ladder of design styles you will find more and more elaborate and colorful designs using cards and high quality graphics on the chip face. Generally, the more colorful the design or the higher quality graphic used makes for a more expensive poker chip set.

Number of Chips Needed in a Poker Chip Set

Consider the number of players you will typically have when determining the number of chips needed for your poker ship set. A generally accepted guideline is to have between 50 and 100 chips per player. With this guideline in mind we suggest:

  • 300 Poker Chip Sets - 3 to 4 players
  • 500 Poker Chip Sets - 5 to 7 players
  • 700 Poker Chip Sets - 8 to 10 players
  • 1000 Poker Chip Sets - 10 or more players

How Much Should the Poker Chip Set cost?

Poker chip sets can cost as little as $29 up to several hundred dollars. It all depends on the quality of the chip, the design of the chip, and how many poker chips you need. In general, you can expect to pay between $75 and $150 for a quality poker chip set that will last for years.

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