Differences Between Poker Chips

Poker players will come across many types of poker chips as they play the game in different locations. For instance, Paddy Power is known for having one of the most popular poker rooms on the internet, where you can participate either as a player or live dealer. As for the latter, you are more more than advised to check out the available job vacancies at Paddy Power casino, especially if you are looking for a good opportunity. And it's a safe bet that you will love dealing with their upscale poker chips. But, how poker chips differ from each other? The type of chip will vary and there are low and high-end chips that can be purchased as well as custom made poker chips for those serious or professional players. Anyone who is hosting a poker game or a tournament will want to invest in a good set of poker chips as they add to the realism of the game and make players feel like they are actually in a casino setting. With the many materials used to make poker chips, players have a number of choices. They can choose low-end plastic chips, higher quality casino chips that are made of ceramic or even clay chips.

Choosing a Chip Material

When selecting what types of poker chips to buy, one will want to consider the material that is used to make the chip. Plastic poker chips are usually the cheapest and can be purchased at many retail stores. Standard plastic chips are sold in sets and are used by casual players. There are also Diamond chips, which are made of plastic but are created with a bit more weight than a standard plastic chip and they are also made to match the size of casino chips.

Ceramic types of poker chips will cost more and they have a great smooth feeling to them. These chips are used in many casinos and the benefit of using these over plastic is that they can be designed with detail that is not available with other chips. Ceramic chips are very durable and decorated and if they fit in the budget when buying a new set of chips, this should be the first consideration.

Clay chips are what players will find in casino settings and these are the most expensive poker chips made. These are also the highest quality and they can be made with unique designs to form custom made poker chips. Clay chips are not the heaviest and will usually weight between 8 to 10 grams, but they are easy to handle and will not chip after use.

Cost of Poker Chips

As with anything, there is a cost associated with buying types of poker chips and the buyer will have many things to consider. As mentioned, the chips can be made from various materials which will affect the overall cost. Buying cheap plastic chips will be good for home games or casual play, but those that host serious tournaments will want a chip of high quality, so they will surely pay more.

The weight of the types of poker chips will also factor into the price as heavier chips always cost more. The average weight of a casino chip is around 9 grams, so most people will want to buy chips that replicate what they use when playing at a casino. The cost will also involve the design of the chip. Since many custom made poker chips are available, it is possible to engrave, etch or even use decals to customize any poker chip set that is purchased. This adds to the overall value and the cost of the chips. The most important factor is the material. Poker players will want a chip that has a good weight, feels real and is durable, making clay and ceramic the best options available.

Many companies that create custom made poker chips will offer samples so that one can feel the chip and test its durability before buying. Sample sets can be bought for a low cost and this is a great way to determine what type of chip will suit the needs of the player or the event host.

Chip Collecting

Poker is not just a game. For many, it is a hobby and in addition to playing the game, players will collect poker chips from where they have played and from online resources. Chip collecting has become a huge hobby for poker enthusiasts and many professional players have complete collections from various tournaments they have played in over the years. When collecting chips, there will be a cost based on the material of the chip, where they were used, their face value and the age of the chip. There are many vintage and antique poker chips in collections and these are often high-quality chips that have intricate designs. Each collector will determine what types of poker chips they wish to collect and with thousands of designs, many materials and chips from around the world, collections can become quite large.